Stark HS


The Stark HS system is based on  precast structures, specially designed for quick installation without welding. It may be designed to cover specific areas as required and can be used in educational, medical, residential, government, care and recreational applications.



Exterior Doors

  • Dimensions: 890 x 1960 mm
  • Material: galvanized sheet of 0.70 mm thick
  • insulating
  • Door frame: galvanized profile of 1.5 mm thick (Electrostatic painting)
  • Accessories: Lock, handle

Internal Doors

  • Dimensions: 840 x 1960 mm
  • Material: MDF pressed LAM
  • Door frame: galvanized profile of 1.5 mm thick (Electrostatic painting)
  • Accessories: Lock, handle


  • Window: 120×100 cm PVC. Double glazing
  • Window health: 40×60 cm PVC. Frosty glass
  • Does not include nets


  • Exterior surface: exterior acrylic paint (two layers)
  • Interior surface: plastic paint

Electricity (not included)


Sanitary Facilities (surface mounting)

  • White Water Piping: PVC. Installation surface.
  • Sewage Piping: PVC. Installation surface.
  • Sanitary Ware: Ceramic Sink and toilet. Shower 80×80 PVC or fiberglass
  • Shower and Sink Faucets
  • Point of hot and cold water in kitchen (not including cabinets)
  • Adduction of white water and sewage pipeline on the outside of the house is not included.

Stark HS System Aplications


Houses from 47 to 158 m2, in 1 or 2 levels. Variety of models adapted to local requirements. Construction of houses in three days. Ideal for mass housing development

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Schools from 148 to 1700 m2 and more. Educational buildings with standard distributions and adaptable to local requirements. Quick installation. Projects in 1 or 2 levels.



Stark HS System can adapt to any type of medical project, with a short construction period. Their surfaces accept diversity of materials commonly used to provide the required hygiene. Buildings in one or two levels